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578 University Avenue Palo Alto , CA 94301

Welcome to the mid-peninsula, known for its innovation, premier educational and medical care facilities, cutting edge technologies, opportunities, and also some of the best weather anywhere!! 

Our area has enormous appeal to people from all over the world. People want to live here, and when they do buy property here, they want to stay. As a result, our chronic inventory shortage creates intense competition for available houses, and multiple offers are common, even expected. To compete in this market, it is essential to engange an experienced agent who knows just how to guide you through the process and get results!! I have been licensed in California and practicing real estate in this area since 1980. There have been wild swings, both up and down, during those years, but I have managed to survive and prosper, thanks in large part to referrals from my friends, past clients, and associates.

When I entered the real estate profession, I made a promise to myself that honesty, integrity, hard work, and exemplary service to my clients would constitute the four cornerstones of my business, and I have never wavered from that course of action. My primary focus is in providing personalized, hands-on, client centric service and having a happy, satisfied client at the end of every transaction.
I hope you will enjoy your visit here. If you would like additional information, please contact me as I will be happy to help.
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